About Us

The Cause

Train A Nigerian Child is a charity committed to helping the Nigerian child to go back to school, we provide funds, books, uniform, chairs, tables to children who's parents can not afford to do so. A lot of children do not have the opportunity to return to school because their parents can not pay for their needs, even public schools have expenses that most parents can't afford. Train A Nigeria Child supports children and parent in need to achieve their dreams of a good and better education.

Our Aim

School for a Community #Lagos

The Project

Train A Nigerian Child is an organization where all Nigerian children are able to continue their higher education and excel, regardless of their financial status and background. We work towards this goal by providing scholarships to highly motivated underprivileged children who have scored well in their studies. Our target can come from any variety of backgrounds, race, from slums and villages, orphans are not left out or children with single parents. Lots of Nigeria children are willing to go to school but due to situation above them, they end up hawking and working as maids. Despite these insurmountable odds they have shown an ability and a will to succeed as well as a talent that should not be wasted simply because their family does not have the financial resources to help them continue. We aim to reach out to those who need our help the most, to ensure that they do not have to give up their education simply because of a lack of funds,books and uniforms. We believe that education is the best way to end the cycle of poverty, ensuring a better future for our beneficiaries. Help us to reach out to children in need, to transform they Lives through the gift of education.
We are located in Lagos and Ibadan. Every year a certain number of Pupils/Students with high school grades are interviewed . The girls are rated at a minimum percentage of 65%, while it's 80% for the boys. The number of selected grantees is based on the foundationís capacity that year. The selection process is achieved by working in collaboration with teachers in the public school system that can identify bright Pupils or Students whose parents donít have the resources to complete the current session. If you know of a child that needs sponsorship, give us a call or fill out a form on our website, include the name of school and address. We will visit the school, make enquiries with the teacher and also interview the child. Children can also be matched to a donor to enable them keep an update on the child. Children sponsored under the scheme are required to send progress reports every three months for their donors to see the childís progress. Support cheques are given once a year. The cheques are not cashable. All fees and books will be purchased by the organization
Is to inspire and effect the advancement of young, deserving individuals by helping them access information and tools necessary for educational growth. Being a change agent, we are reducing the number of students who drop out of schools yearly due to lack of funds to pay their tuition, or text books to help guide them in certain subjects or more importantly feeding and transportation allowance.